The Scientific Council

Companies face an increasingly complex and changing legal environment, particularly in the area of employment law. For Capstan Avocats partners, it is therefore essential to be able to constantly rethink employment, social security and social protection law, with the aim of devising innovative solutions adapted to the operational needs of companies.

To do so, Capstan Avocats partners have established strong links with universities, in the belief that close interaction between academic research and legal practice can only enhance technical excellence.

Renowned academics are members of Capstan Avocats’ Scientific Council and contribute to its work. They can also assist lawyers with high-stakes technical cases, both as counsel and in litigation.

Where academia and professional practice meet

Capstan partners believe that professional practice and academia are mutually beneficial. Capstan lawyers regularly participate in the training of law students, particularly in the context of postgraduate courses (second year Master’s degree) in employment law, social security law and social protection law.

They also speak at seminars and conferences on employment relations and contribute to the discussion in this field by regularly publishing articles and explanatory notes in key legal journals dealing with employment law.

What are the missions of Capstan’s Scientific Council?


Capstan’s Scientific Council provides answers to the most important legal questions in order to ensure a unified doctrine within the firm and to offer technically innovative solutions to Capstan lawyers’ clients.

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Capstan’s Scientific Council defines the main strategic legal direction of the firm. These orientations are then implemented by Capstan’s lawyers in supporting their clients.

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Capstan’s Scientific Council plays a role in anticipating new and emerging issues in employment law. This anticipation has in particular the following aims:

  • Capstan lawyers take the impacts of the identified developments into account when practicing law;
  • sharing these reflections with Capstan Avocats’ clients, upstream of the development of these problems, in order to help them proactively identify preventive or adaptive solutions;
  • alerting the players in the field of employment law with a view to developing or participating in discussions that could lead to changes in the legislation.
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