Occupational health

Companies are increasingly subject to constraints in the area of occupational health (safety obligation, psychosocial risks, right to disconnect, teleworking, prejudice of anxiety etc). Our lawyers, experts in occupational health issues, advise companies and assist them in designing their “health and safety/quality of life at work” policy and in implementing and monitoring appropriate solutions.

Our added value

Our lawyers act in litigation relating to health and safety at work, before all competent jurisdictions (judicial court, industrial tribunal, criminal courts, etc.).

Capstan Avocats offers training sessions on all aspects of “health and safety/quality of life at work” policy (harassment, psychosocial risks, etc.) and, in particular, on the assessment and prevention of occupational risks in the company (single document, relations with employee representative bodies, surveys etc).

Risk prevention
Risk prevention in the company (occupational risk assessment document, co-activity situations, action plans, etc.).
Survey procedures
Management of survey, inspection, whistleblowing and expertise procedures of employee representatives.
Social management
Negotiation and drafting of company agreements (agreements on exposure to occupational health risks, psychosocial risks, etc.) and information documents for employees and consultation of employee representatives.
Delegation of power
Management of delegations of power adapted to the company’s structure.
Crisis management
Management of crisis situations (occupational accidents, harassment…), preventive and curative approaches, medical unfitness of employees.
Third-party relations
Relations with the labour administration, occupational physicians and occupational health services.
Expertise litigation, litigation relating to occupational accidents and diseases (AT-MP, inexcusable conduct)
Monitoring and optimisation
Optimisation of occupational accidents rates and pricing monitoring.