Agnès Ballereau
Partner — Sophia Antipolis

As a holder of a Diploma of Higher Specialised Studies (DESS- Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées) in Internal, International and European Litigation (Paris V, René Descartes) obtained in 2005, I naturally chose to devote my professional practice to litigation before all courts before which an employer may be called to appear.

Sophia Antipolis
Agnès Ballereau-Boyer
Sophia Antipolis

Agnès’s career path

After having practised at the Paris Bar, I have been co-heading the legal department of Capstan Avocats in Sophia Antipolis, not far from Nice, since 2010.

Passionate about the litigation activity, my clients bring to me a wide range of issues relating to all aspects of employment law (challenging union delegates/union body representative appointments, professional elections, performance and termination of the employment contract, discrimination, breach of equal treatment), criminal employment law and also social security law (litigation regarding the occupational nature of an accident at work, URSSAF litigation).

I am equally keen to pass on this enthusiasm during training sessions dedicated to our clients but also to students, in particular at the Institut d’Enseignement Supérieur de Travail Social (IESTS) in Nice as part of the preparation for the CAFDES exam (Certificate of aptitude for the functions of director of a social intervention establishment or service).

As an author of various regional articles, I also approach litigation in a different way.

This is why I am involved in the DESU “Law and Practice of Mediation and Negotiation in Business Law” (Droit et pratique de la médiation et de la négociation en droit des affaires), directed by Mr ALBARIAN and Maître BRUNENGO, within the Faculty of Aix-Marseille.