Thomas Salome

Thomas Salome



Thomas Salomé began his career with Capstan in 2003.

As an expert in labour law, he assists and advises companies in all areas of labour law and social protection.

Thomas Salomé regularly provides advice related to restructuring and business transfer operations, management of collective bargaining, working time and employee savings schemes.

He provides daily support on specific projects to major French and international companies from a variety of industries, (pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, aerospace industry, metallurgy industry, banking, wholesale, etc.), which has led him to tackle a wide range of issues.

Thomas Salomé is also involved in the Capital Ingenium group, which specialises in employee savings and shareholding schemes.

He holds seminars and training sessions in partnership with specialised organisations.

Thomas Salomé holds a Master’s Degree (DESS) in Corporate Law as well as a Master’s Degree (DEA) in Private Law.