Frédéric Aknin

Frédéric Aknin


French - English

Frédéric Aknin has been a lawyer since 1998 and won the “best young in-house counsel” award in 1999. He joined Capstan during the course of the same year and became partner in 2010.

He specialises in the employment law aspects of restructuring, business transfers and M&A. He also focuses on working hours and is part of Capital Ingenium, which deals with employee shareholding and savings schemes. He has also amassed significant judicial expertise (individual and collective labour relations).

Frédéric Aknin co-manages a team of lawyers dedicated to offering counsel and judicial services to both domestic and international clients.

He has authored a number of articles for specialist magazines and speaks at seminars, conferences and training sessions.

Frédéric Aknin holds a DEA degree in Employment Law from Paris II University and a specialisation certificate in employment law.