Social audits, social performance evaluation and corporate social responsibility

Capstan Avocats supports companies during compliance audits, reducing the cost of acquisition or in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) procedure. Capstan Avocats’ expertise in labour law and the experience of its teams means that a complete analysis and objective assessment can be carried out of the company's practices and the resultant risks, in order to implement any corrective actions and support a procedure for a social performance evaluation or setting up a CSR mechanism.

For acquisition operations, the firm rapidly mobilises an optimum team in terms of number and technical ability to carry out social audits (due diligence) and an evaluation of social liabilities, and to draw up appropriate contract clauses.

The integration of Capstan Avocats within the Ius Laboris alliance also enables the firm to offer coordinated operations at an international level for transnational acquisition projects.