Our approach

Collective bargaining and labour relations

Because labour relations are part of a company’s day-to-day activities, Capstan’s lawyers support companies in the life of their staff representative bodies and in their relations with social partners. 

Négociations collectives


Individual working relations

As a preferred partner, Capstan Avocats advises companies on all issues relating to the individual management of their human resources, taking into account the legal and contractual environment, developments in case law, the constraints on the activity, the company's strategy, its challenges and its social policy.

Relations individuelles

Social management of mergers and acquisitions

Capstan Avocats supports French and foreign companies in the development of their organisations: modification of legal structures (mergers, acquisitions, sales, outsourcing, etc.), or operational structures.

gestion sociale des fusions acquisitions

Social audits, social performance evaluation and corporate social responsibility

Capstan Avocats supports companies during compliance audits, reducing the cost of acquisition or in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) procedure. 

Audits sociaux

Restructurings and social plans

Capstan Avocats is involved in the preparation and management of restructuring and downsizing plans (employment forward planning, redundancy for economic reasons, employment safeguard plans, voluntary redundancy plans, management of collective disputes, etc.).



Pay, employee savings and employee share ownership

Capstan Avocats advises companies in defining the most appropriate structure for individual and collective pay, as well as in formalising immediate and deferred pay policies.

Rémunération, épargne salariale et actionnariat salarié

Social Security

Since the wages bill is one of the key elements in the profit and loss of companies, Capstan Avocats advises its clients in the application of social security legislation, as well as the control of social welfare agencies.

Sécurité sociale

Pensions and insurance benefit schemes

Capstan advises companies in the design and setting up of additional insurance benefit and supplementary pension schemes.

Retraite et prévoyance

Individual and collective disputes

Capstan Avocats makes its experience available to companies in all disputes connected to the management of human resources.

Contentieux indivuels et collectifs

Criminal law related to employment

Through their day-to-day work of advice and training that they provide to companies and their directors, Capstan's lawyers ensure the legal prevention and management of criminal risk within the company.

Droit pénal du travail

International mobility

Because company life is becoming more and more internationalised, Capstan Avocats supports its clients in their issues relating to international mobility.

Mobilité internationale

Health and safety, and psychosocial risks

Restrictions weighing on companies are increasingly strong (duty of care, performance obligation, obligations to negotiate on hardships associated with the job, psychosocial risks, etc.).

Hygiène et sécurité

Data Protection/ GDPR

We advise our clients in matters relating to data protection and the application of European regulations.

Data protection/RGPD