Health and safety, and psychosocial risks

Restrictions weighing on companies are increasingly strong (duty of care, performance obligation, obligations to negotiate on hardships associated with the job, psychosocial risks, etc.).
Capstan Avocats supports companies in the design of their health and safety policy and in the implementation and monitoring of appropriate solutions.

The firm is involved in disputes relating to health and safety before all competent jurisdictions (High Court, industrial tribunals, courts dealing with Social Security cases, criminal courts, etc.).

Capstan Avocats offers training sessions on risk prevention in the company (harassment, psychosocial risks, relations with the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee, etc.).

  • Setting up of the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (setting up information/consultation procedures, whistleblowing, assessments etc.)
  • Risk prevention in the company (occupational risks evaluation document, co-activity situations, etc.)
  • Negotiation and drafting of company agreements (agreements on hardships associated with the job, psychosocial risks, etc,) and information documents on employees, and consultation with staff representatives
  • Managing delegations of authority appropriate for the structure of the company
  • Managing crisis situations (accidents at work, harassment, etc.) or conflict situations (gross negligence, etc.)
  • Relations with government employment bodies
  • Disputes regarding appraisals, accidents at work and occupational illnesses