Our commitment

To facilitate and support the growth of young enterprises

Labour law can be looked upon as a deterrent to competitiveness but, if handled well, it can also become a managerial tool. In fact, some start-ups give employment law support a miss, because of its cost. However, this is a crucial investment for their future.

This is why Capstan Avocats are keen to engage with start-ups and growing companies to support them in their human development and allow them to make the right choices. With the Start With Capstan offering, we want to make our expertise more accessible. This offering covers labour law as a priority but, thanks to a “best friends” network, companies can have access to lawyers specialising in intellectual property, corporate and fund raising, and also to accountants.

Employment law must become the right to employment

If being properly supported is essential, the legal and social ecosystem in which companies develop is key for business and employment. Employment law must be protective, but it must not put the brakes on recruiting. Day to day, on the ground, Capstan's lawyers observe how labour law complicates the life of companies, and impedes their development and their competitiveness in an ever-more internationalised environment.

This is why, as the preferred legal partner for companies and experts in their issues, Capstan Avocats is committed to the public debate to defend their interests and bring down the barriers, particularly through various publications. So in February 2015, Capstan Avocats put together 8 proposals as a result of its thinking and experience, to give a boost to companies and revitalise employment in its Manifesto for Employment. All this by redefining the conditions for drawing up legal standards.